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Joe & Ho's Current News
In this channel, post topics of current events concerning the Harris/Biden Administration. There is an option to post a link to a story on another site.
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Last Post: Scrotus
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Old Hippie
Joe & Ho's Corruption History
In this channel, create and discuss topics concerning corruption & Scandals from Joe and the Ho. There is an option to add a link to a corruption Story into your post.
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Last Post: Biden Crime Family
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Old Hippie
This is a channel where you can upload a funny (or sad) dealing with current events.
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Liberal Loonacy
In this channel, create new or post on existing discussions concerning Liberal Lunacy in the House, Senate, State and Local Governments, The Fake News, Colleges ... Again, there is a linking option to link to other sites reporting on it.
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National Current Events
Use this channel to discuss National Current Event, which may not be as political in Nature.
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I'm Mad as Hell & Not Going To Take it Anymore
Use this channel for your personal Rants that make you Mad As Hell.
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Last Post: Lets All Get Along
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Administrative Announcements
In this channel the Administrator posts news and announcements concerning this site.
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Last Post: Follow on Parler
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Old Hippie
In this channel you'll find polls, which all members are encouraged tp participate in.
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The Marketplace
Links to web sites selling Kool anti-Biden items to buy
Topics: 17 Posts: 18
Last Post: Impeach This
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Old Hippie
Trump-Pence 2024
This is a channel dedicated keeping up with positive news concerning Donald J. Trump, which will go pretty much unreported every where else.
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