A Special Thanks to Those Who Voted Biden

Thanks for the Inflation, High Gas Prices, Empty Shelves, Deteriorating Race Relations, High Crime, Lack of World Respect, Arming the Taliban, Crippling our Military, Having to Listen to his Pathological Lies, a Corrupt Deep State DOJ/FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS, An Insecure Border, Highest Fentanyl Deaths Ever Recorded, Blatant Corruption, a Drug Addict Pedophile Son and Whore Daughter, a President with no Energy to Put in a half Day’s Work, the Most Deviated and Deranged Executive Office Staff, the Most Incompetent Cabinet, Baby Formula Shortage, the Least transparent Administration, a Giggling Whore Vice President, the Worst Ever Pick of a Supreme Court Justice, a Lazy American Workforce Too Spoiled to Go Back to Work, A Stronger China, a Weaker Ukraine, Mortgage Rates That Have More Than Double, Demented Drag Queens in Schools, Forced Vaccinations of kids (the least vulnerable) Without Any Health Study, A Stock Market That Has Killed an Average of 40% of Retirement Accounts, Depressed School Kids Masked Up When Not Home Schooling and Brainwashed on White Guilt, a Homo Transportation Secretary Who Took Two Months Off For Maternity Leave of a Doomed Adopted Child During History’s Worst Shipping Crisis, a Stronger Iran …. and that just scratches the surface the surface on how bad your ignorant vote has crippled America and I Digress.

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