Biden Wants to Collect $6Trillion in More Taxes

To spend $3trillion more with his “Green Company” friends, and the Big Guy’s 10%

Moochers elect Looters to steal from Producer. If you’re a Moocher feeling that it is OK for the Producers to pay you share, then you better figure out what to do when Producers go on strike or retire. The current crop of Loafers extorting their employers will not be able to fill the gaps and you’ll be in Bread Lines. Study the history that has been kept from you.

Topping the list of increases is doubling the Capital Gains Tax. This has always stifled investment in America when above 20%. Biden claims that his tax increases will reduce the deficit – but we all know he is a pathological liar, and it will be used to buy votes and launder money through “Green Companies” owned by family & friends. Look at where he’s thrown around tax dollars extorted from citizens in the last two years. More money to Ukraine with a percentage back to all if the ‘Big Guys’, illegal Alien services like putting up illegal in Manhattan $500 a night rooms to buy their votes, encouraging people not to work unless they’re making 6-figures to buy their votes, give money to minorities to buy their votes, give money to students to buy their votes, money to colleges to brain wash our kids – to buy their votes… you can fill in the rest of the blanks.

Finally look at the Medicare Socialist increases. Medicare was originally a personal health savings account to pay for your health in retirement years. IT IS NOT AN ENITLEMENT SLUSH FUND! I paid the maximum my entire life (both sides as I was self-employed) for the same coverage as the person who paid nothing and yet I’m means tested to also have the highest premium deducted from my Social Security – because I worked hard and was a Producer. When the government forces one man pays the maximum and yet still pay the highest premium so others can get the same coverage without ever paying a dime – you live in Socialism.

From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs” is a slogan coined by the Communists, but is an unspoken reality in the United States.

It will only get worst in people are not willing to discuss this with their family and friends. The government only gets away with this because of apathy.

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