Fight Back Against Big Tech

Show your support for Donald Trump and your anger over Big Tech getting together to stifle all Free Speech From Conservatives. Delete your Facebook account on January 20th as Biden takes his Oath. Above are instructions on how to download your Fakebook photos and other information. I suggest you beat the rush and get it done now.

I also suggest you join the Social Media site without the Gestapo – right away – to also beat the rush. It will give you a chance to give your family and friends time to do the same and find you there. Be prepared for Mewe to slow down for a day or two. There was a mass exodus from Facebook there just after the election (when I switched) and it caught them by surprise. The good news is they are on Cloud base servers and can quickly upgrade resources. will nag you once a week to upgrade to Premium Services – but you get everything Fakebook has (except the Gestapo) with the Standard Free Service.

Below are Social buttons where you can share on the Social Sites you’re part of. You need to have the site open and be logged in for it to happen. There’s no games played or ulterior motives – just spreading the word so that this will be epic and hurt Big Tech. The time to pull our collective heads out of the sand and fight back is now!

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