Joe Biden Not My President Gift Shop

If you are one of the 80 Million Trump Supporters who have been shut down in Twitter, Parler, Facebook and other venues to communicate with other Trump Supporters – hold on – its getting worse. They’re going after two TV Networks and talk radio. I’m a Vietnam Era veteran, and Janet Napolitano labeled us as “Potential Domestic Terrorists” when she was in the Obama Administration. I was subject to extra security boarding planes, and my bank told me I that I was on the Department of Homeland Security’s Watch List. I’m told that Facebook directly and indirectly donated to the Biden Campaign, and now the Administration is loading up on Facebook executives. Free Speech will only be Liberal Speech. Conservative Speech is Racist, violent, insurrectionist speech. The Big Tech people being rewarded with government jobs in the Biden Whitehouse will see to that. Congress heavily funded by Big Tech will see that Big Tech be a strong seat at the table of the Deep State,

The harassments towards Conservatives by Biden & Harris’ (as we all know Joe ain’t lasting long) IRS, DHS, DOJ, FBI will make those doing it in the Obama’s Administration blush.

It is time that Conservatives start to grow balls and Peacefully fight back. One way is the peaceful protesting of an Illegally and fraudulently installed President and Vice President.

I created this gift shop for people to remind each other of what happens if you stick your head in the sand. Everything is priced low – with the markup a low 5%-10%, which doesn’t even cover the cost of artwork. I’m not in it for money – but as a mechanism to motivate people to do something.

Please take a moment to look over the wide selection of high quality items for a very reasonably price. Visit The Gift Shop.

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