Joe Biden Not My President on

Click the above image to check it out is a Social Media site, much simular than Fascistbook. The big exception of the Deep State didn’t start up fund, and there is no conduit to the DOJ/FBI/CIA and Biden’s White House. It is much smaller than Fascistbook and sadly most people don’t care enough to move away from thevDeep State’s Ministry of Propaganda. In three years, I’ve had one account and never been in Mewe Jail (I doubt they have one), account removed, shadow banned or a post removed. I had to have 25-30 Facebook accounts in the same period.

I mention all of this because there is a “Joe Biden Not My President” group there. In that group you can post whatever you want. I won’t screw with you, and it doesn’t appear that Mewe will either. So if you’re flat tired of all your posts getting flag and otherwise sick of the Deep State, join us there to help grow the group.

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