Mental Illness in Washington

Take a moment and think of one thing good that any of these losers did in the hundreds of combined years they’ve ruled you. Liberals elect mental midgets over and over again.

Hank Johnson once told Generals in a House Hearing, that he was concerned that the population of Guam all residing on one end, would cause the Island to capsize. That was maybe 20 years ago, but trust me, he’s not gotten any smarter. Yet Georgia sends him back over and over and over again because he checks the right boxes.

Today, it was announced that two Liberal Governors, the second weakest ever NYC Mayor and some other loser will campaign for Biden, so he can tend to the business of build back better. That man is total wreck and has the stamina of a garden slug. He’s taken 305 vacation days in his first two years and is constantly soiling himself in public. He’s done more harm to this country in 2 years than the sum of the rest of Democrat Presidents. Yet, his handlers want him to spend the next 2 years begging for another 4 years. He’s so obviously corrupt and senile – and yet he’s their God.

Jerry Nader hasn’t remembered what end was up for decades.

Fedderman is currently in a Mental Ward under observation from a mental breakdown.

Al Green not only looks like a Neanderthal, he has the vocabulary of one. You may recall he was the first to demand a Trump Impeachment. It’s a toss up on who is more stupid. Al Green, Hank Johnson, Maxine Waters or Sheila Jacka$$ Lee. Sadly, there isn’t a measurement of human intelligence with a scale low enough to rank that four. I’m sure that the death threats and calls of me being a rascist will follow, but those of you who are honest with yourselves know they are the four most stupid in Congress.

Diane Fiensten has Chaired the Intelligence Committee for longer than she has employed Chinese spies as her personal driver. All of that time, her personal intelligence dropped like a lead balloon. Last week she was asked about her recent retirement announcement. She replied that she wasn’t retiring. She was then showed the announcement of her retirement released by her office. Today she’s in the hospital – but its doubtful she knows it. She’s 89 and been in politics since the 1960s.

Maxine Waters is a complete enigma. I don’t even need to go there because if you don’t know, you never will.

Each of them is currently a mental midget for a different reason – but the Democrats are the bigger mental midgets for putting them there. You have to be Clinically Insane to have voted for these people, or way too ignorant to be allowed to vote (or breathe for that matter).

Do your Country a big favor, and forward this along to your friends or rub it in the face of the Liberal Loons you know.

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