Mumble’s First 8 Months

  • Executive Order Stopping Keystone Pipeline, putting tens of thousands of energy workers out of work, which also doubled the cost of gas & diesel. That made us once again dependent of foreign nations for fuel, and doubling the price of electricity and heating. The cost of transporting goods to market has also doubled – making everything cost more.
  • Approving Russia’s pipeline in the North Sea, giving them the gas/oil revenue we’d lost.
  • Immediately stopping construction on the Wall, which was already paid for, and to encourage Central Americans to flood across our border at the rate of 300,000 illegals into our country per month. Border patrol has been so busy processing and babysitting that the drug cartels (in addition to making billions as Toll takers for those Illegals crossing the border) have flooded a record amount of drugs, especially fentanyl, into the US. In addition to disease (29 Border Patrol have died of Covid so far in 2019) many of these illegals are child prostitution (and Child Snuff Movies) traffickers’, convicted rapists, and murders.
  • Putting us trillions of dollars further in debt by helicopter dropping money to people if they won’t work, crippling many businesses who are not able to staff. This has increased the cost of everything because of businesses having to pay people twice their worth. For instance, despite truck drivers making double what they were last year, there are half the needed truck drivers working. Stores and fast food places are paying the lowest common denominator of intelligence $11 to $15 an hour to put out poor quality products and service. There are many other long term effects such as decreased revenue in income taxes, social security taxes and Medicare taxes from people bribed not to work.
  • Encouraging Teacher Unions to provide piss-poor on-line education to our kids, until parents wouldn’t take it anymore. Then requiring little kids to wear totally worthless masks. These kids will never recover the education lost out on.
  • Unexpectedly pulling out of Afghanistan without notice to our allies or Americans caught in country
    • Closing the only secure air strip first, leaving a Taliban controlled airstrip the only option out
    • Leaving $83BILLION in advance weapons in the hands of the terrorist organization that harbored those who attacked us on 9/11
    • Giving a list of names of the Americans (and Afghans who helped us) to the Taliban, thinking they’d let them through to the airport. They did not.
    • 100s of Americans are still stranded, if not dead
    • 100s of those Afghans who helped us were stranded, rounded up, tortured & killed in front of their family – before the Taliban killing the family – except for the little girls, who were given to soldiers as brides
    • Instead of evacuating Americans and friends of US, they evacuated 1000s of totally unknown people without any documentation, many of which are terrorists and Men with child brides. They have been settled into the US. What harm could come of that?
    • 13 American Servicemen were murdered, in addition to 100s of civilians, from Biden’s total incompetence in the evacuation.
    • 9 Innocent civilians, 7 of which were small Children, were killed in a US drone strike that the Biden admin claimed was USIS-K. They lied for weeks, before wheeling out some uninvolved General to take the heat.
  • Appointed the most corrupt and Communist Executive Cabinet in the history of the US. Everyone of them is a scumbag.
  • Held the latest State of the Union ever, and rarely has press conference or takes questions after a mumbling statement. He’s clearly being hidden from the public by his handlers – as the more he speaks, the more it is understood that he is suffering from an advanced case of dementia.
  • 20,000 Haitians who had been given sanctuary in South America for many years appeared in Del Rio, Texas. To repair the optics of it of the CF, they’ve been released into the country (despite lies that they’re being deported) with a bus ticket to any city or town that they want. No Covid test, no vaccination, no Order to appear to ICE. Their culture is to not work, be dependent on government assistance, and breed like Rats!
  • Obama created the Deep State in the upper echelons of the Military, State Department, Department of Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Service, FBI, CIA, NSA and White House Staffers. Now, Obama through Biden (via Rice) is making the Deep State even more powerful.
  • Biden defends JCOS Gen. Miley from his treason of both conspiring with Nancy Pelosi to take the Nuclear Football from Trump, and calling his Chinese counterpart to tell him that he’d give him warning if Trump was to ever attack China. There is no worse treason than both of those acts.
  • Lies and deception from his administration. All of Biden’s life he’s been a pathological liar. That’s well documented. His entire Administration is just as bad. You can’t trust anything they say as being the truth.
  • Having the DOJ cover up all of the Hunter laptop evidence of family corruption and child sex acts.
  • Having the DOJ bury the 2 year long Durham investigation of the FBI trying to throw the election in favor of Hillary.

This is just off the top of my head. There is much more damage that this illegitimate loser of a President has done known and unknown. We are in month 8 of 48!

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