FBI Won’t Tolerate Dissing Hunter

On their Social Media site.

I already can’t post to groups and my account is shadow banned. So I try to post that photo of Hunter in bed with a crack pipe, and before it was even posted, I got double whacked. This is your White House and FBI giving the orders at Facebook. Wake up and smell the tyranny! See the below steps they took against me.

This photo wasn’t even posted yet and they were on me like stink on shit
Disabling my account
Intimate mage? Only intimate if I was a Crack Pipe!
Might as well whack me twice for the same image that never got as far as posted
All of this is a lie. I haven’t been able to post to groups for months and can’t current post at all as it says my count is “Suspended”

So here is the Deep State’s Thought Police and Big Brother Tyranny. You can ignore all of this and pretend it doesn’t happen, or you can spread the word by sharing.

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