Lawn Mowing Math

I live in South Texas and mow my 7 acres 45 weeks a year. I mow that often to keep the bad grass and weeds from seeding, and the varmints off the property. Snakes and mice in short grass get gobbled up by the hawks and Brown Eagles circling for a meal. It takes me 3 hours and exactly 5 gallons of gas to mow with a big Zero turn. While mowing today, I realized that the day Trump left office gas was $1.75 a gallon locally. 5 gallons of $1.75 comes to $8.75 a week or $393.75 for the 45-week year.

Now gas is $5 gallon, so it’s $25 a week to mow my yard and $1,125 for the 45 weeks

To summarize, it costs me an additional $731.25 a year more (roughly 3 times what it was 18 months ago) to just put gas in my mower. This is just mowing the lawn.

Just today, Biden shut down more oil fields (in Alaska) from drilling and pumping. Don’t tell me it’s oil company greed or Putin – it’s the Ship of fools running this country. Don’t believe their lies. If you voted for Biden, thanks a pants load – Asshole. I hope you are hurting more the most. Stupidity has consequences!


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