Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

$5 Gas and $6 Diesel in next couple of days.

Look at the month-to-month comparison. What will Biden have us paying next month?

This has been planned. They knew what shutting down pipelines, drilling on public lands, no drilling permits being approved, and increased refinery regulations would do – and they smiled.

Everything farmed uses diesel. Fertilizer is derived from petroleum. Plastic and vinyl are made from petroleum. Manufacturing needs petroleum. Everything (parts, chemicals, finished product, meat, produce, cars, building materials, clothing, petroleum itself now that pipelines are closed… ) needs diesel. Trains, trucks planes (a derivative) and ships run on diesel. As diesel goes up in prices, so will everything else. EVERYTHING ELSE.

It is expected we will have a shortage far worse than we currently have are on the way this summer. Gas Lines, Brown/Black outs and major shortages of everything will crush the US economy and the Stock Market. If Biden moved today to open pipelines, open up drilling on public lands, allow fracking, approve drilling permits, and stop punishing anything oil related (like bank financing of production and new crippling refinery regulations) it would lessen the effect of this in July, August and September – and prices would go down before 2023. They won’t and our suffering will only get much worse.FJB

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